The Vacation That Never Ends in Willies


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be on vacation week after week? Do you enjoy staying in an all inclusive resort? Now you don’t have to wonder! You can have it all with the vacation that never ends in one of our Dave Hughes custom homes.These luxurious homes provide the relaxed feeling of a 5 plus star hotel. Our luxury home builders provide a quality, energy-efficient home built the way you deserve. You are in charge and get to design your luxurious “staycation” home. Your home can be picked from the  best of communities in great town. . One of the quaint towns where we’d love to  build your home for you is located in Willis. It offers many attractions with options of paddleboarding, rafting, kayaking, and fishing on the water and market days, hiking, and national parks to visit in town.

Our luxury home builders make sure your vacation never ends in your luxury home, but also make sure that your energy costs don’t deter from your luxurious living. With our Power-Saver 1200, we provide you with typical savings of around 12-25% on your power bill. Also, our EnviroSmart Stabilized Cellulose Insulation is superior in insulation. It is made primarily from recycled newspaper making it echo friendly as well. Our insulation out-performs traditional fiberglass by almost 26% giving you the best luxury home built with great savings. Our homes also include a high efficiency AC unit which is a must for these Texas high heat summers. They also come with a two year warranty making sure you stay cool all summer long.


If being on vacation all year long is something you’d like to do, then Dave Hughes Signature Custom Homes is for you. With our motto, “We build your home your way,” we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your luxury “staycation” home. Contact our luxury home builders to get your dream “staycation” luxury home today.