Is Texas a Good Place to Build a Custom Home?


Building a custom home begins with a lot of questions. “Where should we build?” “Should we buy land or build in a community?” “Are there job opportunities where we want to build?” It can be very overwhelming at first, and we know that every person is different, but we would like to point out why we believe Texas is the perfect place for you to build your custom dream home.

1. Plenty of land options from which to choose. Texas is the second largest state in the U.S., only being beat by Alaska. It has tons of land options, and land is cheaper to buy in Texas than in many other states, so if you are interested in building a custom home on several acres, Texas is the perfect place for you. But, if you would prefer to live near a big city or in a luxury community, Texas has both of those as well. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are just a few of the big cities Texas has that offers all the food, shopping, and activities of big city life. For luxury communities, we recommend places such as Grand Harbor, Walden, Bentwater Bay Drive. These amazing communities have beautiful custom homes with clubs, lakes, fishing, and tons of amenities from which to choose. We also just happen to be licensed custom home builders in these communities as well.

2. Lots of job opportunities. With its ever-growing population, Texas has job opportunities available in almost every part of the state. From local shops in small towns to companies in rural Texas to corporate giants in the city, there are plenty of job opportunities available and still more coming every day. If you’re trying to find a great place to start over or make roots for your family, Texas is the perfect place to settle down, find a great job, and build that custom home you have always dreamed of for your family.

3. Lower taxes. Texas is one of the few states that does not charge personal state income tax. It also offers great tax incentives for businesses. So whether you are looking to put down roots for your family and save some money where you can or looking to start a business in a state that takes care of its business owners, Texas is definitely the place for you to begin these new dreams and build your custom home.

If Texas sounds like a place you are interested in beginning your dream of building a luxury custom home, contact our team at Dave Hughes Luxury Custom Home Builders today to begin your journey of creating your luxury custom home for you and your family.