Buying and Renovating vs. Custom Home Builders


Buying and renovating or building a custom home is a big step for anyone. There are a lot of details that go into each and every process.

Here are some things to consider when deciding between buying and renovating a house or having custom home builders in Pinehurst build for you.

  • Know your options.
    • Buying and Renovating Yourself: Each night is spent house hunting and setting appointments with realtors to see which house suits you. Once you find one, the state of the house depends on how much renovating will be needed. Do you want wood, laminate, or carpeted floors? Each type of flooring requires a different set of supplies. Then there’s the walls, paint, wallpaper, trim, border, patterns, etc… There’s so much involved in interior design when remodeling the house.
    • Hiring Custom Home Builders: When you hire an outside company to custom build your home, you not only skip the process of house hunting and meeting a realtor at different potential homes, but you also get to meet custom home builders who are experienced in their field. You work with the custom home builders from start to finish until your custom home has been designed just the way you want.
  • Deciding on the perfect location.
    • Buying and Renovating Yourself: You can have the perfect location picked out in your mind, like Pinehurst,  but unless there’s a home for sale in that location it just won’t work. You search for house after house hoping you find the perfect one only to find you then have to spend months remodeling until it’s absolutely perfect.
    • Hiring Custom Home Builders: With custom home builders you have a few different places to pick from. For instance, Dave Hughes Signature Custom Home Builders are approved to build in quite a few areas: Montgomery, Conroe, Magnolia, Willis, and Pinehurst. Your beautiful home can be built in several locations; it’s just a matter of choosing the right company to build in the location of your liking.

Whether you decide to buy and renovate or hire custom home builders, there is definitely quite a bit to consider. If you’re in the Pinehurst area and are wanting a custom home designed and built, reach out to Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders for a quality custom built home.