You might think ceiling fans are just for summertime use, but they are an inexpensive way to make your home more comfortable all year long. Operating ceiling fans allows you to cool off or warm up your home, while cutting down the cost of using air conditioning or heating units. Here’s how you can set your ceiling fan in the proper direction and start saving money.


Using ceiling fans during the hot summer months probably comes as no surprise. They should be set to rotate counterclockwise at a high speed. This pushes cool air down, helps evaporate perspiration on the people below, and creates a wind chill effect. A ceiling fan can cause a room to feel up to eight degrees cooler without altering the temperature setting on your thermostat. Placing ceiling fans throughout your home can save on your air conditioning bills during the summer.


A large amount of heated air warmed by your heating unit usually collects in a room at the top of the ceiling, since heat rises. It can rise to the top before you even have a chance to feel its warmth. Therefore, operating ceiling fans that are set to an upward airflow (rotating clockwise) will force the heat built up at the top of the ceiling down. The heated air can then be felt in the room before it then rises again. This mild circulating pattern of air creates a more evenly heated room and decreases the time that your heater needs to run. Using a ceiling fan during cold winter months can save you as much as 15 percent on heating bills. Remember to operate the fan at a low speed for this purpose, because otherwise you’ll create a wind chill effect that will make the room feel colder.



There are a few exceptions when it comes to operating your ceiling fans. If it is located in a room with a very high ceiling, you should put the fan in reverse (or clockwise) direction but at medium or high speed. The higher ceiling requires more than low speed to move the warm air all the way down to floor level. Also, if you are using a ceiling fan over a desk or dining table, rotate the fan in reverse (clockwise) direction on a higher speed. This provides a wind chill effect to cool you off, but doesn’t cause papers to fly or dinner to get cold.

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