Why Should You Build Your Custom Home in Magnolia, Texas?


Magnolia, Texas is a wonderful place to consider building your custom home to lay down roots for your family. Located in the seventh largest growing county in the U.S., Magnolia is growing in both popularity and job opportunities. Being in Texas, Magnolia is still a friendly, southern city, but it’s growth has allowed for many large companies to come in more recently to help this southern city become more modern.

But now that you’re considering building your family’s custom dream home in Magnolia, you’ll need a custom home builder to make this dream a reality. So where should you start looking for your custom home builder? Is there a reliable custom home builder that knows Magnolia well, along with the private communities, codes, laws, and regulations?

The Best Custom Home Builder in Magnolia


Dave Hughes Signature Custom Home Builders has been building custom homes in and around Magnolia for over 20 years. With a vast knowledge of the city and the private communities in the area as well as an understanding of the city’s building codes and regulations, you can rest easy knowing every detail will be taken care of. The staff at Dave Hughes Signature Custom Home Builders is extremely friendly and hands-on, so you will be kept up-to-date on progress and planning throughout the entire building process.

Along with their city knowledge of Magnolia and their southern hospitality, Dave Hughes Signature Custom Home Builders is known for their quality work and signature look of modern but inviting. The staff can help you design a custom home from scratch or help you create your own look from their already created building plans. No matter which you choose, your custom home will be the dream home your family has always wanted.

If Magnolia sounds like a place you’d like to raise your family and build your own custom home, contact Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders today to find out how we can help you create the home you and your family have always wanted.