Magnolia, Texas: The Perfect Town for You


Magnolia is a small but ever-growing town in southern Texas that is in the perfect location for any family looking for a great place to live. Not far from the town of Magnolia, you will find Houston with its big-city life, Galveston with its ports for cruises and sailing, Lake Conroe for a day of fishing and swimming, or several state parks to enjoy a family day of hiking, biking, and trails. All of these ensure never-ending fun for you and your family while you enjoy the smalltown life that Magnolia has to offer.

Reasons we believe Magnolia could be the perfect town for you:

1. The Town Slogan Magnolia has on the town website in big letters its town slogan, and it’s a beautiful one: A Community of Unity. It may be small, but the town of Magnolia understands how divided small town can become as it grows, so it has created a tight-knit community that works to unite its residence for the better.

2. Scenic City Certification Program Magnolia is one of 20 cities in Texas undergoing a five-year program for design and development for public roadways and spaces. Being chosen for this program means that the town has proper city signage regulations, a landscaping/tree planting program, and higherquality scenic standards for their public roadways. You can find out more about this program here.

3. Options to Build or Buy Because Magnolia is still a growing town, there are many options for housing, including buying, building, or renting. With plenty of land from which to choose, we recommend starting your new adventure as a family living in a new town by building a custom home meant just for you. This is where we at Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders comes in. We can be your custom home builder and help you create the perfect home, where your children will grow up making memories to last a lifetime in a small town in the perfect location.

Contact us at Dave Hughes Signature Custom Home Builders today to find out if Magnolia is the right town for you and your family to begin your new life together, building the custom home of your dreams.