Dave Hughes- Custom Home Designer and Builder in One Company


One of the main struggles homeowners face when looking to build a custom home is finding a company for each phase of the process. From designing to building, each step requires an expert in that field to help homeowners create the perfect home. This is why Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders is so unique in custom home building industry. We can help our customers design a custom home or offer one of our already-designed options while our talented team can also build the custom home as it was designed.

Benefits of Having a Designer and Builder Under One Company

Smoother Process

When the designer and builder of a custom home are the same company, it creates a smoother process for the homeowner. There is no need to have two different companies trying to communicate with each other while also getting the homeowner in the process as things need approval. Everything is handled between the homeowner and one company, making the process less stressful all around.

• Less Chance of a Mistake When a homeowner is working directly with one company to design and build their custom home, there is a far less chance of a mistake happening and someone dropping the ball on either end. Designing and building are being done by experts in their field who have worked together and know each other’s process, keeping the process simple for everyone involved.

• Better Advice A custom home builder and designer can offer a new homeowner better advice on where to build, the best community in or around Pinehurst for their wants and needs, the best size home, and the best options for materials to use when they are all working together on one team. The homeowner won’t have to repeat himself to another company or explain why another company recommended that location, material, and more. When everything is done under one roof, the custom home designer and builder can offer better advice tailored to the homeowner’s specific needs.

Dave Hughes Signature Custom Homes can walk any new homeowner through the entire process of designing and building a home in and around the Pinehurst area of Texas. Contact our office to speak with an experienced team member and schedule a meeting.