To Remodel or Not To Remodel?


Choosing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Depending on the size of your family and if you need an office, do you find a 2 or 3 bedroom home?  Is having a second bathroom or at least a half bath important to you? Do you prefer central air over a window unit? Do you want a basement for your “man cave” or a playroom for the kids? Will you have a large plot of land or is just a small yard fine? There are many more questions, but a big one is, to remodel or not to remodel?

Remodeling can be such a hassle; the home you find may have all the things that you want for a house...but it’s covered top to bottom floral wallpaper and pea green carpet. If your answer is not to remodel, then a custom home might be the answer for you. Dave Hughes Signature Custom Home Builders designs custom homes in Magnolia that can meet all of your home wants and needs and also exceed your expectations. Instead of spending your evenings tearing up carpet and wallpaper, fixing cracks in the wall, and getting rid of that musty smell, have a custom home in Magnolia designed exactly to your liking.

Why choose Dave Hughes Signature custom homes for your Magnolia home?

  • They are focused on building your custom home exactly the way you want it. Dave Hughes himself guarantees that only the best quality service and materials will be used for your home.
  • They are one of only four builders approved for building custom homes in Magnolia and several other cities.
  • When you choose Dave Hughes Signature Custom Homes, you get a personalized service from Dave Hughes himself. With his years of experience you can feel confident in knowing that your custom home in Magnolia is being built by the best.

If remodeling does not sound like an exciting way to spend your evenings, contact Dave Hughes Signature Custom Homes to begin your custom home project today.