If you are having a custom home built, you can ask your builder to incorporate many things that perhaps you wouldn’t find in an existing home or one built by a tract builder. It may be amenities like having outlets placed on your home’s exterior for easy holiday decorating, or speaker wiring placed through the house for a great sound system, or even adding stained glass windows. Here are some desirable home features that you may want to consider asking your custom home builder about making a part of your new home.

More outlets

It seems like you always realize places where you would like to have electrical outlets in your home after it’s already built. In the middle of a living room floor, at the top of a stairway, or hidden on the mantle are sometimes locations you wish you had a plug. It may also be appealing to have higher voltage outlets in the garage for specialized tools or equipment.

Pest control

It is possible to have an extermination line run through the walls of your home to make pest control easy. This is especially useful in areas when termites and other harmful insects are common. Special tubing is placed in your walls to allow an exterminator to plug a spraying device into and treat the whole house at one time. This effective pest control method is also safer than traditional approaches because it doesn’t expose people or pets to chemicals.

Storage space

Most people tend to accumulate more and more possessions, and then the trick is to find places to put it all in your home. Maximizing the amount of storage space you have is always helpful. Custom home builders can help you determine unused areas in your home that might be transformed into hidden storage spots. Adding cabinets or drawers under your island countertop or in your stair risers or within a window seat can give you spaces to tuck away all kinds of items that you would otherwise clutter your home.

Heated floors

If you live in an area where temperatures drop low outside, installing heated floors in your home will both provide you comfort and increase your home’s value. When you have them installed before flooring is put in, it is an affordable way to add a feeling of luxury to your home.

Specialized sinks


Don’t forget to consider areas that you might need a specialized sink. It might be an extra deep utility sink in the laundry room or garage, or perhaps an oversized basin to make it easier on your back when it’s time to bathe your pet.

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