Custom Home Builders in Pinehurst, TX


Custom Home Builders in PinehurstChoosing a place to live can be a long, drawn-out, daunting task. Whether you’re from Texas or moving there from a different state, there’s a lot of land and a lot of places to choose from. We at Dave Hughes Custom Homes Builders believe one of the top choices to live in Texas is Pinehurst and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. We’re the premier custom home builders in Pinehurst.
    While this reason is bias, we do believe it’s a great reason to choose to live in Pinehurst. We don’t service all of Texas, so choosing a place that we’re one of the custom home builders means you and your family can choose to have a custom home designed and built by the best of the best, Dave Hughes himself!
  2. There are tons of things to do with the family.
    There are so many things to do around Pinehurst from Festivals to Wildlife Parks to Amusement Parks, the list is endless! There are tons of options for you and your family to make memories. And after a long day of making memories, you can go home and share those memories together in your custom home built by Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders.
  3. The amazing food options.
    You can choose great country cooking one night while getting authentic Mexican the next night. With great food options like that, you won’t need to make a mess in your custom kitchen designed by us, of course.
  4. The location is perfect. Pinehurst Custom Home Builders
    You can live in the country and have amazing scenery while looking out your window built by the best custom home builders around and have all the conveniences of being near a big city without dealing with big city traffic every day. Then on the weekend, you can take a drive to the coast to be at the beach for the day. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Those are just a few of the reasons we believe Pinehurst is such a great place to raise a family. And if you’re interested in having a custom home built, call us today! We know you’ll want to use the best custom home builders in the Pinehurst region.