5 Things to Look for in a Custom Home Builder


1. Design Style- When choosing a custom home builder, be sure to take a look at their past work. If their design style doesn’t match the look you’d like your custom home to have, then that builder probably won’t be the best fit for the project. Find a custom home builder that has a design style similar to what you like before putting them on the list of prospects.

2. Experience- Experience is a big factor when building a custom home because experienced builders will have a broader scope of options from past designs they’ve done, unique character traits ideas from other homeowners, rules and regulations for the area you’d like to build in, and a better understanding of what you’d need in a home for your family.

3. Quality- From the foundation to the countertops, your custom home should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but it should also be built to last with quality materials and work. Find a custom home builder in your area who will build your home to last for years to come and not try to use inferior materials and products.

4. City Knowledge- Every city is different when it comes to building codes, regulations, private communities, and safer neighborhoods. Find a custom home builder who has built in Montgomery or the area you are wanting that can help guide you through the process of choosing where to build your custom home and acquiring all the necessary paperwork needed to build your custom home.

5. Communication- Communication is key in any relationship in life, but especially the one between you and your builder. When narrowing down the list of custom home builders, be sure to take note of who makes it a point to get back to you in a timely manner and answer your questions. That will be a builder worth putting on your list.


If you are looking to build a custom home in Montgomery or its surrounding areas and are still in need of a custom home builder, please consider Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders for your list and contact us with any questions you may have.