Custom Home Builders in Conroe, TX


3 things to look for when choosing a custom home builder in Conroe:

Custom Homes on Lake Conroe

  1. A company with experience to reference.
    Nothing would be worse than having one of the most exciting times of your life ruined by a builder who doesn’t do a great job creating and building your dream home. When choosing a custom home builder, you should always choose a company with a great reputation and lots of experience: your home will be all the better for it. Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders has been in business creating and building gorgeous homes for families in the Conroe, Texas area for over a decade.
  2. A company with communities behind them.
    Having a community that will stand by you, encourage you, and help you through the building process of your home as well as be there when you finally get to enjoy living in your home is something more valuable than you can imagine. That’s why Dave Hughes custom home builders is an approved builder for several communities including Bentwater on Lake Conroe, Grand Harbor in Montgomery, and Walden on Lake Conroe. Within these communities, you’ll find many of the custom homes Dave Hughes has designed and built, and families who are enjoying their beautifully-built custom homes every day.
  3. A company with energy-savings in mind.
    If you could have a custom home built and know that you’d be saving money on your bills every month, wouldn’t that help make the decision so much easier?  Dave Hughes uses energy-saving insulation, gas furnaces, duct work, electrical, and so much more. Our goal is to help you save money in your new home so that you can enjoy it every day even more.

If these points have helped you decide to choose Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders as your signature custom home builder in the Conroe area, please reach out and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!