Building Your Custom Home


Having a custom home built is a huge step for any family. It shows you want to put down roots, make a place your family can call their own, and create something completely unique to you and your family’s personal style and tastes. It is a wonderful time to plan and dream of exactly what you want your custom home to look like, inside and out. But where do you begin? Here are a few thoughts we have to help you get started on this incredible process of building your custom home.

Where to build

With so many choices from which to choose, it can be a daunting task deciding where you want your custom home built. Unless you have family, work, or other reasons to move to help you decide on somewhere specific, you may not know where to even begin looking. One of our recommendations for places to build your custom home is Magnolia. This small city inside Montgomery County has beautiful scenery, a small-town feel, and is located near several larger cities, including Houston. Magnolia also has a national forest not far from it and several lakes to help you cool off in the Texas heat. Magnolia is definitely a favorite of ours to consider when deciding where to build your custom home.

Type of build

Once you know where you want your custom home built, you will need to decide what type of home you would like. Modern, victorian, colonial, contemporary, and the list goes on. Every home is unique, but you get the very special option of choosing the style of your custom home. Along with this, once you decide on a style of home that fits you and your family, be sure to choose a custom home builder that is known for building in that style. Here are a few examples of the styles Dave Hughes Custom Home Builders is known for in the Magnolia area. No matter what you decide, be sure your custom home builder has experience in that particular style and will build your home the way you want. Choose a trusted custom home builder and your process for building your custom home will be one that is easy and enjoyable.

If you are considering having a custom home built in Magnolia or the surrounding areas and love the style Dave Hughes chooses for his custom homes, contact us today to schedule an appointment to begin this amazing journey of having your custom home built for you and your family.